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New Food Hydrocolloids Paper on demystifying interactions in a meat analogue by Mary C. Okeudo-Cogan


A new paper has been published in Food Hydrocolloids by Mary C. Okeudo-Cogan (PhD student, CDT Molecules to Product) on multiscale understanding of fungal hyphae-protein interactions in a meat analogue. This interdisciplinary study by Mary C. Okeudo-Cogan titled "Understanding the microstructure of a functional meat analogue: Demystifying interactions between fungal hyphae and egg white protein" in collaboration with Prof. Brent S. Murray, Dr. Simon Connell, Dr. Rammile Ettelaie, Stuart Micklethwaite, Dr. Stewart Radford from School of Food Science and Nutrition, Physics and Astronomy, Chemical and Process Engineering and Quorn Foods show a detailed work on characterisation of fibre composite gels using a range of microscopy, spectroscopy and rheological assessments. The study provides unique insights on non-covalent interactions between protein and fungal hyphae dominating overall texture and affected by pH and ions, such knowledge can be useful for future manufacturing of sustainable meat analogues. The paper can be read in Food Hydrocollloids, Volume 140,