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In Press: Decoding the fundamental mechanisms of human salivary lubrication


Research in Sarkar Lab performed by Feng Xu (MRes Student), Dr. Evangelos Liamas (Postdoctoral Fellow), Dr. Efren Andablo-Reyes (Postdoctoral Fellow) and an interdisciplinary team of co-workers on uncovering the synergistic lubrication behaviour of human salivary proteins from macro to nanoscale, published in Advanced Materials Interfaces is now in Press. For the first time, this research...

Morfo defended her PhD thesis successfully!! Congrats Dr. Zembyla


Morfo Zembyla passed her PhD final Viva successfully. Her thesis titled “Stabilization of water-in-oil (W/O) emulsions using food grade materials” was examined by Dr. Elke Scholten from Wageningen University, Netherlands (External Examiner) and Prof. Michael Rappolt (Internal Examiner). Huge Congratulations Dr. Zembyla for such a fantastic thesis with 1 patent, 3 peer-reviewed publications and numerous...

Frances joins Sarkar Lab


Frances Brown joins our lab as a PhD Student Welcome Fran to our exciting team!

New Paper on "Double Pickering Emulsion" published in Langmuir


Stabilizing water droplets in an oil continuous matrix using biocompatible particles has always been a long-standing research challenge in colloid science. Morfo Zembyla (PhD Student) in our lab describes an elegant double Pickering stabilization mechanism of water-in-oil (W/O) emulsions for the first time, where a complex is formed at the interface between Pickering organic polyphenol...

New Food and Function paper on Biopolymer-coated Pickering emulsions


Andrea Araiza-Calahorra (PhD Student) designed new biopolymer-coated Pickering emulsions and demonstrated that such complex biopolymer-coated nanogel-laden interface can be helpful in preventing gastric destabilization of droplets, the study has been published in Food & Function, Volume 10, Pages 5498-5509. Pickering emulsions prepared using whey protein nanogel particles were coated by a layer of anionic polysaccharide,...

Great talks and Poster Presentations at the 4th UK Hydrocolloids Symposium – From Food to Bioprocessing


Three oral presentations, one flash oral presentation and three poster presentations were given by the team at the 4th UK Hydrocolloids Symposium – From Food to Bioprocessing, Leeds, UK. All the talks and posters were well-appreciated by the multidisciplinary audience in this conference. The talks on gastric digestion of emulsions were presented by PhD Students...

New Invited Review on Saliva published in Advances in Colloid and Interface Science


New Invited Review published in the in Advances in Colloid and Interface Science on "Human saliva and model saliva at bulk to adsorbed phases – similarities and differences", funded by ERC LubSat Project. In this review by Feng Xu (MRes Student) in collaboration with Dr. Seughwan Lee from Department of mechanical Engineering, Technical University Denmark, we have critically examined...