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Professor Anwesha Sarkar talks to Sue Quinn, BBC on why we love chocolate so much


Prof. Anwesha Sarkar (PI, Sarkar Lab) has spoken to Sue Quinn, BBC to discuss chocolate tribology and role of saliva in the mouthfeel of food based the recent paper on multiscale tribology of edible phase change materials by Dr. Siavash Soltanahmadi (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, ERC LubSat) in collaboration with Prof. Michael Bryant from Mechanical Engineering. The paper published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces can be found here:

Prof. Sarkar says “When you first put a piece of chocolate on your tongue, the fat mixes with a little saliva to form droplets, and then more droplets are formed. It's this lubrication which gives you that chocolaty sensation in your mouth.” To read more on  the interview and the story by Sue Quinn in BBC, please follow this link: