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Ben Kew wins the 2nd Oral Presentation Award at the Tribolink conference


Ben Kew (PhD Student, ERC LubSat Project) and Yao Lu (CSC Chinese Visiting PhD Fellow) presented talk and poster at the Tribolink 2023 at Birmingham, respectively. Huge Congratulations to Ben Kew for winning the 2nd prize for his oral talk on "Tribology of plant protein microgels for improved sustainable food applications". Yao presented her poster...

Elizabeth presents a poster at the 3rd Food Chemistry Conference, Dresden Germany


Elizabeth Tenorio Garcia (PhD Student, Conacyt Mexico) presented her poster titled "Water-in-oil emulsions stabilized solely by fat crystals acting as Pickering particles" at the 3rd Food Chemistry Conference: Shaping a healthy and sustainable food chain through knowledge at Dresden, Germany on 10-13th Oct 2023. Few of Elizabeth's published studies related to this poster can be followed...

Welcome back Mingxin to Sarkar Lab


Welcome back Mingxin Wang to Sarkar Lab as a PhD Student. Mingxin has finished her  MSc in Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Leeds doing her MSc dissertation in Sarkar Lab. After her  graduation, she worked as a research assistant in Sarkar Lab focusing on the tribological properties of plant-sourced ingredients and saliva...

New Paper on Conjugates and their tribological properties published in Sustainable Food Proteins


A new study on "Tribology and rheology of potato protein and pectin mixtures and Maillard conjugates" has been published in Sustainable Food Proteins by Mingxin Wang (PhD Student), Dr. Siavash Soltanahmadi (Postdoctoral Fellow, ERC Project LubSat), Dr. Khalid Gul (Visiting Researcher) and Dr. Ecaterina Stribiţcaia  (ex-PhD Student, ERC LubSat Project). Thsi study demonstrates how Maillard conjugation, with...

Welcome Yangyi to Sarkar Lab


Welcome Yangyi Zheng to Sarkar Lab. Yanyi is a PhD student supervised by Dr. Evi Paximada and co-supervised by Prof. Anwesha Sarkar. His PhD research focuses on using novel techniques to improve the nutritional and techno-functional properties of plant proteins, specifically legume proteins. He is particularly interested in extraction processes of plant proteins that tend...

Welcome Chenxi to Sarkar Lab


Chenxi Wang has started as a PhD Student funded by Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) in Sarkar Lab. Chenxi did her Bachelors and Masters from Jiangnan University (China) majoring in Food Science and Engineering and has published research in the area of starches and emulsions. In her PhD, she will be co-supervised by Prof. Brent S....

Review published in Advances in Colloids and Interface Science by Daisy Z. Akgonullu


Daisy Akgönüllü (PhD Student, SOFI2 CDT) from our lab has written an excellent review titled "Synthetic and biopolymeric microgels: Review of similarities and difference in behaviour in bulk phases and at interfaces" now published in Advances in Colloids and Interface Science, Volume 320, Articles no. 102983. In this comprehensive review, Daisy in collaboration with  co-authors...

Welcome Alice Burberry to Sarkar Lab


Alice Burberry has joined the team as a research assistant.  The aim of her project PlantFeel is to design colloidal materials to enhance the mouthfeel of plant-based foods by improving their usually poor lubrication performance and mouthfeel. Specifically, as a part of this IAA funded Project PlantFeel, she will design and characterize a range of...

Research published in Nature Communications by Ben Kew covered by Press incl. Economic Times India


The new work of Ben Kew (PhD Student, ERC LubSat Project) titled "Transforming sustainable plant proteins into high performance lubricating microgels" published in Nature Communications is covered in Economic Times. Plant proteins, which start off as dry with a rough texture, are placed in water and subjected to heating. This alters the structure of...

Ben Kew presents a talk on Plant protein astringency at the Pangborn Conference


Ben Kew (PhD Student, ERC LubSat Project) presented an oral prestation titled "Astringency response of plant proteins: Combining sensory, neural and cellular methodology" at the 15th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium: Meeting new challenges in a changing world, Nantes, Frances (20th-24th Aug, 2023), latter was attended by over 1,100 delegates.   Published work of Ben related...