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Bragg PhD Studentship at Sarkar Lab - Apply by 13th Jan 2023


  There is an exciting highly multidisciplinary Bragg PhD Studentship (competitive funding) available in Sarkar Lab on “Probing into dynamic friction of soft contact materials for addressing mucosal dryness”. This project will involve developing new mechanibiological tools, new soft materials as well as characterising these materials with techniques ranging from tribology to primary cell culture. The...

Sarkar Lab was well represented in EFFoST 2022 with Ecaterina winning the PhD Student of the Year (1st Prize)


Five poster presentations and one oral presentation were given by PhD students and postdoctoral fellow at the EFFoST conference, 2022, Dublin, Ireland. Massive congratulations to Ecaterina Stribiţcaia (PhD Student, ERC Project LubSat) for wining the EFFoST PhD Student of the Year Award 2022 (1st Prize). Also big congratulations to Ben Kew (PhD Student, ERC Project...

Prof. Sarkar gave an invited talk on eating capability Food4Years Ageing Network


Professor Anwesha Sarkar (PI) gave an invited talk (online) at the Food4Years Ageing Network Mini conference on "Designing food for seniors: does eating capability mater?" on 9th November 2022. Related papers for this talk can be found here: Krop EM, Hetherington MM, Miquel S, Sarkar A. (2020). Oral processing of hydrogels: Influence of food material properties versus...

Welcome Dr. Gul to Sarkar Lab


Welcome Dr. Mohd Khalid Gul to Sarkar Lab! Khalid is a Visiting Researcher at University of Leeds for 6 months, under an International Research Experience Fellowship funded by the Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Government of India. Khalid is a full-time Assistant Professor in the Department of Food Process Engineering at National Institute of...

Mary and Ben presented work on sustainability at the 2nd NIZO Plant Protein Functionality Conference


The 2nd NIZO Plant Protein Functionality Conference was held online. Mary Okeudo-Cogan (PhD Student, CDT Molecules to Product and Quorn, UK) gave a talk on "Sustainable meat alternatives: Probing interactions of potato protein and fungal hyphae composites". Ben Kew (PhD Student, ERC LubSat Project) gave a talk on "Improving lubrication properties of plant proteins by microgelation...

ERC Research Findings from Sarkar Lab is well-presented at the EuroSense 2022


Ecaterina Stribițcaia and Ben Kew (PhD Students, ERC LubSat Project) gave oral and poster presentations at the 10th European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Science (EuoSense) Turku, Finland (13-16th September 2022). Ecaterina Stribițcaia gave a talk on "Does altering food texture influence appetite and the subsequent food intake?" and presented a poster titled "Are video-based...

Welcome Dr. Kara to Sarkar Lab


Welcome Dr. Hasan Hüseyin Kara to Sarkar Lab! Hasan is a Visiting Postdoctoral fellow at University of Leeds for 1 year, funded by the TUBITAK 2019 (Science Fellowships) postdoc research program. Hasan is a full-time Associate Professor in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at Necmettin Erbakan University, a state university in Turkey, where he...

First study on tribology of water-in-water emuslions published in Food Hydrocolloids by Kwan Mo-You


First study on tribology of water-in-water (W/W) emulsions has been published in Food Hydrocolloids (Volume 134) by Kwan Mo-You (PhD Student, ERC LubSat Project). The W/W emulsions were prepared from mixtures of gelatinized corn starch and κ-carrageenan in the two-phase regime and whey protein microgel particles (WPM) were used to design Pickering-like emulsions. Results show...

Invited talk by Prof. Sarkar at the 36th ECIS Meeting, Greece


Prof. Sarkar gave an invited talk on “Designing biorelevant surfaces for soft tribology across length scales” at the Satellite Meeting  on Tribological effects on rheology of suspensions: Surface forces, contact effects, and chemical modifications at the 36th ECIS Conference, Greece on 4th September 2022. The talk can be followed in the following associated papers: ACS...

PhD Viva Success for Shuning Zhang


Massive congratulations to Dr Shuning Zhang on passing her PhD viva with minor corrections on her thesis by publication titled “Behaviour of food grade Pickering emulsions stabilized by plant-based particles under in vitro digestion conditions”. Shuning was examined by Prof. Caroline Orfila (internal) and Prof. Aiqian Ye (Massey University, New Zealand, external). Shuning had 4...